decuplets tembisa 10 nigerian doctor

Photo: Twitter/Lucky Star

Tembisa 10 report: ‘Nigerian doctor’ accused of losing the decuplets

Another bizarre puzzle piece has emerged, following the release of the Tembisa 10 report – but how does a doctor actually ‘lose’ decuplets?

decuplets tembisa 10 nigerian doctor

Photo: Twitter/Lucky Star

If you thought the matter of the Tembisa 10 was done and dusted, think again. An investigation into the alleged birth of decuplets to a mother in Gauteng has drawn up some wild revelations on Wednesday – and the publication that first ran the story says these babies DO exist. However, a mysterious Nigerian doctor briefly took centre stage at the presser.

Tembisa 10 report: What are the major findings?

The chairperson of Independent Media, Iqbal Survé, told the media that he has proof that the babies really were born, but two of the ten died after getting stuck in the fallopian tubes. Frustratingly, the whereabouts of these eight remaining tots was not disclosed by Mr. Survé, after he took more than an hour to present the main findings of an internal report.

Back in June, Independent Media and journalist Piet Rampedi were both lambasted for the story when they could not prove where the Tembisa 10 were, or if the mother herself was even pregnant.

Apologies were issued to the public, but during their digging, the group has come back dogged and determined – and they feel there are MANY people who must be held accountable.

Decuplets latest: Questions asked about ‘Nigerian doctor’

Public health officials, workers from government departments, and hospital staff were all accused of ‘failing’ Gosiame Sithole. A gynecologist at the press conference stated that the mom had only been able to see her babies for the first two days, before they were transferred to a different hospital. Apparently, she has not seen them since.

However, the involvement of a Nigerian doctor has puzzled the investigative team. The report claims that the babies were ‘initially lost at the hands of this man’, who also made life more difficult because he used a pseudonym.

“The decuplets were lost at the hand of a Nigerian doctor who was assisting the mother at the hospital. Some of the medical staff who were present at the delivery of the babies had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and cannot say anything. The Nigerian doctor was using a different name, which makes it difficult for anyone to find him.”

“After her second scan, that’s when she was introduced to a sponsor doctor. That is the Nigerian doctor, he is known to us, and he has a pseudonym. He is at the centre of this story”.

Iqbal Survé