Tasneem Moosa holiday swindler hello darlings

Tasneem Moosa, the CEO of Hello Darlings, has now filed for liquidation on behalf of her much-maligned company – Photo: Twitter

Victims of SA’s ‘holiday swindler’ Tasneem Moosa demand justice

The CEO of Hello Darlings, Tasneem Moosa is said to have swindled approximately 400 people of millions of rands for holidays overseas.

Tasneem Moosa holiday swindler hello darlings

Tasneem Moosa, the CEO of Hello Darlings, has now filed for liquidation on behalf of her much-maligned company – Photo: Twitter

Close to 400 victims of alleged holiday swindler, Tasneem Moosa, the CEO of Hello Darlings, are demanding immediate and urgent action from law enforcement agencies.

On Tuesday, a number of South Africans revealed that Moosa defrauded her clients for millions of rands that they had paid for holidays overseas. Moosa has since disappeared into thin air and is said to have deactivated her social media accounts.


A Telegram group which has over 3400 members has since been formed where Moosa’s victims are trying to get their money back.

Based on the information shared on the group each family or person lost an average of R75 000. The victims are reportedly devastated because their dream holidays have not materialised, especially because others were scheduled to travel in the coming days and weeks.

Dr M Farraz Akoo said scores of criminal cases have been opened with police for theft and fraud and others are in the process of doing so.

One of the victims, Michael Rentzke said they are also consulting lawyers to see what action is needed to reclaim their money.

Another victim, Suhaifa said Hello Darlings packages were incredibly affordable. Many people who booked and went on her trips including her own mother all enjoyed it and had no issues at all. 

“Tasneem Moosa won’t be found anytime soon. Unfortunately nothing was booked. Some have reached out to airlines and hotels, there were no bookings made. The flights that were booked were refunded back to her on Monday, 7 March 2022.” 

Anti-crime activist, Yusuf Abramjee urged all the victims to open cases of theft and fraud with the SAPS.

“Once this has been done, we will ask the Hawks to take over the probe. Moosa must be held accountable and face justice.

“People can run but they cannot hide. If Moosa and her accomplices have fled the country, law enforcement will track them down and bring them to book.”

Yusuf Abramjee


Social media users also alleged that Hello Darlings was promoted by influencers from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg who are now silent since Moosa’s disappearance. 

They also said Moosa had been sending people (influencers) on trips and have them document it. She would then give discount codes to those who book through the influencer.

On Tuesday, award-winning blogger and influencer Aisha Baker, who herself went on a trip abroad facilitated by Hello Darlings in September 2021 said she had no knowledge of the scam.

blogger revealed that she had been given a partially-paid trip to the Maldives last year by Hello Darlings. This in exchange for an Instagram post about the trip as well as services provided for by the resort.

She shared in an IG post: “I did not receive any cash kickbacks, commissions or profit shares. She agreed to gift us travel if we continued to post about upcoming adverts. I agreed, since I, along with the other guests on the trip, had a fantastic time as we communicated online.

“There were no red flags to my knowledge. We had however never been gifted any more travel”.

In January 2022, upon coming across reports that Hello Darlings had been accused of scamming travellers, Aisha claims she “immediately” ended her working relationship with Tasneem.

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