top scammers FBI

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Here are South Africa’s top scammers listed by the FBI

Surprisingly, South Africa’s top scammers that are listed by the FBI in the United States are all not from South Africa.

top scammers FBI

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has listed South Africa’s (Cape Town based) top scammers who are suspected of running international wide-scale fraud.

The scammers, who are part of the Black Axe group, failed to get the beginning of their extradition to the United States thrown out of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 5 March 2022. They face charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft in the United States.


According to the BBC Black Axe is a violent mafia-style gang in Nigeria linked to murder and fraud. It has infiltrated the country’s political system and launched a global scamming operation well beyond Nigeria’s borders.

According to the FBI, Black Axe operated in various countries, including South Africa, and was organised into regional chapters known as “zones.” Black Axe worldwide was governed by a National Council of Elders and members of Black Axe were referred to as “Axemen” or “Ayes.”

The FBI said in or around 2013, the Cape Town Zone of Black Axe was formed. In or around 2018, the Zone was registered as an organisation with South Africa’s Company and Intellectual Property Commission.

The men are accused of swindling lonely women on online dating or social websites, making false statements about their ability and intention to provide and arrange for loans, inheritances, and other forms of financing. 

The accused all transferred money across an interstate wire that travelled through New Jersey, which is why the FBI is investigating these Africa-based alleged scammers.

The accused are as follows:

  • Perry Osagiede, also known as “Lord Sutan Abubakar de 1st” or “Rob Nicolella” or “Alan Salomon”.
  • Enorense Izevbigie, also known as “Richy Izevbigie” or “Lord Samuel S Nujoma”.
  • Franklyn Edosa Osagiede, also known as “Lord Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela”, “Edosa Franklyn Osagiede” as well as “Dave Hewitt” or “Bruce Dupont”.
  • Osariemen Eric Clement, also known as “Lord Adekunle Ajasi” or “Aiden Wilson”.
  • Egbe Tony Iyamu, also known as “Lord Aminu Kano” or “Richard Amall”.
  • Collins Owhofasa Otughwor, also known as “Lord Jesse Makoko” or “Philip Coughlan”.
  • Musa Mudashiru, also known as “Lord Oba Akenzua”.

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