Shoprite checkers tuna

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Something fishy! Shoprite, Checkers are recalling THIS popular product…

Shoppers are being advised to check their cupboards this week, after both Shoprite and Checkers issued a major product recall.

Shoprite checkers tuna

Image via Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve been buying tins of tuna from either Shoprite or Checkers, then you’ll need to feast your eyes on this. BOTH stores are recalling a batch of 170g Cape Point light meat items, due to an issue with ‘defective seams’.

Why are tins of tuna being recalled by Shoprite, Checkers?

Thought not exactly life-threatening, there is a chance that the seaming issue could spoil the pre-packed food inside each tin. The following details reveal which consumers may be affected by this issue – and a full refund will be offered to those who have picked the troublesome tuna.

  • The voluntary recall is limited to 170g tins of Cape Point light meat shredded tuna in water, with the production code EEJCK BPHGS01.
  • The production date is 23/07/2021, and best before date is 23/07/2024.
  • Cape Point Light Meat Shredded Tuna in Water products in 170g cans with different product codes from the one listed are NOT affected.
  • No other Cape Point product is ‘tainted’, the group has confirmed.
  • To locate the production code, consumers should look on the bottom of the can.
  • Those who have purchased these cans MUST NOT eat the tuna, but instead, return it to ANY Shoprite or Checkers store for a refund.

‘Do not consume, go and get your refund’

A statement on the matter earlier today, confirming that they are ‘prioritising the safety of customers’. Households are being urged not to take a chance with the tuna tins, and instead, customers must return to their nearest Checkers or Shoprite stores to get their money back.

“We are now working closely with the National Consumer Commission on the voluntary recall. The quality and safety of our products are the top priority for our business. “

“Consumers who may have purchased the product listed above should not consume it but instead return it to their nearest Shoprite or Checkers store for a full refund.”

Statement issued by Checkers