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‘Misleading’: SABC will NOT be paying Tbo Touch R480 000 p/m

The SABC has disputed claims that the public broadcaster will be paying Tbo Touch R480 000 a month for his “return” to Metro FM.

SABC Tbo Touch Metro FM

Tbo Touch Image via Instagram @iamtbotouch

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has refuted claims that the public broadcaster will be paying Tbo Touch R480 000 per month for his “return” to Metro FM. 

A Sunday newspaper published an article titled ‘Metro FM gets Tbo Touch back at R480 000 per month’ which the SABC says is misleading.


SABC spokesperson, Gugu Ntuli said the public broadcaster rejects the deliberate misinformation as it is misleading and factually incorrect. 

“The SABC’s Group CEO does not get involved in line up negotiations, as that is the job of programme managers and business managers. In addition, the SABC does not pay car allowances and other fringe benefits to freelancers.

“The SABC’s radio stations are guided by EXCO approved standardised freelance rates, which would not see anyone earning even half of the amount quoted in the newspaper. Lastly independent contractors do not get involved in soliciting sales and sponsorship, as the SABC does not have a commission scheme that covers individuals outside of Sales staff.”

SABC spokesperson, Gugu Ntuli


Thabo ‘Tbo Touch’ Molefe resigned from the station six years ago following an alleged fallout with the SABC.  

A source from the radio station informed City Press that the star will man the popular afternoon drive slot on Metro FM.  

The afternoon drive slot is currently manned by Sphe “DJ Sphectacula” Ngwenya and Lebogang “DJ Naves” Naves – known by radio lovers as Kings of the Weekend.  

The article added that the station has seen a decline in listeners since the exits of fan-favourite radio personalities such as Pearl Modiadie, Bad Boy T, and so forth.  

“Metro FM’s seen a decline since the departure of some big names in the past few years, so they had to bring in a big fish to bring listeners back to the station.”

“Touch wanted the morning slot because he has other things going on during the day, but I think he got the [afternoon] one.”  

Touch previously revealed in an interview with Thabo T-bose Mokwele at Kaya FM that he left the station as a matter of principle and that he was getting paid R200k monthly when he left Metro FM.  

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