rugby players durban drowning

The two boys were aged 17 and 18 respectively – Photo: SAPS / Twitter

Teen rugby players drown in Durban – more details about victims emerge

Police in Durban made a grim discovery earlier on Monday – and more information about the young rugby players has been made public.

rugby players durban drowning

The two boys were aged 17 and 18 respectively – Photo: SAPS / Twitter

Two schoolboy rugby players who died in a drowning incident over the weekend have been identified as teenagers from the same school in Gauteng – and the Provincial Education Department has shared some the crucial details.

Death of rugby players shocks Gauteng school

Although the boys have not been named yet, we have since learned that they were in Durban as part of a school trip. The avid rugby players were also gearing up to take part in a tournament. According to the Gauteng Government:

  • The two boys – found dead on Monday morning – were in Grade 10 and Grade 12 respectively.
  • They were part of the Hoërskool Birchleigh cohort, and the Gauteng school was due to play in a local rugby tournament.
  • The school trip was scheduled from 24 – 31 March.
  • Learners and teachers went swimming on Durban North Beach on Sunday, before encountering difficulties.
  • Lifeguards helped the group to shore, but realised two youngsters were missing.
  • The deceased learners are from the Gauteng districts of Birchleigh and Tembisa respectively.

Durban drownings – latest news and updates

A spokesperson for the Gauteng Education Department explained that the teachers who’d been swimming with the students stayed behind with rescue teams, in order to find the two missing pupils.

Sadly, their search on Sunday yielded no results. It was only earlier today when authorities discovered the bodies the tragic teens – who were found roughly two kilometres away from where they entered the sea.

“On Sunday morning, the learners and several teachers went swimming at Durban North Beach. Two learners were missing shortly afterwards. All other learners were accompanied back to the accommodation while the teachers proceeded to search the vicinity looking for the two missing learners.”

“The search went on until the evening with no success, after which the educators opened a missing persons case at Durban Central Police Station. On Monday, 28 March, the educators were informed that the bodies of two boy learners were discovered about 2km north of the beach from where they went swimming.”

Gauteng Education Department