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Many more restaurants face closure. Image via Adobe Stock

A win for #PutSAFirst? Govt starts ‘mega-blitz’ inspections of hospitality sector

A series of hospitality inspections will be carried out across the Western Cape this week, with worker and employer statuses up for review

inspections hospitality

Many more restaurants face closure. Image via Adobe Stock

The Patriotic Alliance has done it. The EFF has done it. And now, even the ANC government is doing it. The Labour Department has confirmed that it will conduct ‘mega-blitz inspections’ of hospitality venues this week in the Western Cape, to ensure that all businesses are following the proper employment protocols.

‘Mega-blitz’ inspections to take place in Cape hospitality venues

This comes after political leaders Gayton McKenzie and Julius Malema pivoted their attention towards the ratio of foreign workers in township economies and hospitality venues respectively.

The inspections being carried out by the Labour Department this week is the sort of intervention supporters of the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement have been crying out for. The fringe group are staunchly opposed to illegal immigration, and feel that their complaints have gone unheard for too long.

Immigration status up for review

Part of the mega-blitz inspections will see law enforcement officials check if workers have the right documents in place, and if employers have correct records for the staff on their books. Hotels, restaurants, and even backpacker lodgers will be visited by departmental representatives – with the #PSAF group claiming this as a campaign victory.

“The Department of Employment and Labour’s Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) in the Western Cape Province is set to embark on week-long mega blitz inspections targeting the Hospitality Sector.”

“Our mega blitz inspections will commence from the 24-28 January in the Cape Metropole, Cape Winelands and Overberg. The Department of Home Affairs and the South African Police Services (SAPS) will also form part of the blitz inspections. Institutions like Hotels, Bed and Breakfast facilities, Restaurants and Backpackers will be reviewed.”

Statement from the Department of Employment and Labour