Orania homes

The town of Orania, as photographed in August 2017 – Photo: Epog Argief / Flickr

Orania receives its 31st CLEAN AUDIT – in 31 years of existence

Another year, another clean audit for Orania. The enclave in the Northern Cape is unapologetically singing its own praises this week.

Orania homes

The town of Orania, as photographed in August 2017 – Photo: Epog Argief / Flickr

Officials of Orania are crowing about their record of governance once again this week, after they confirmed a 31st consecutive clean audit. It marks a so-far spotless record for the controversial town, which was founded in 1991.

Orania boasts about ANOTHER clean audit

Depending on who you talk to, Orania is either a ‘whites-only town’, an ‘Afrikaners-only town’, or a ‘self-determining town’. Its very existence still remains controversial in modern South African society – but the small enclave has notched up a number of stellar achievements.

It’s municipal landfill maintenance was recently identified as the best in the Northern Cape. Applications to live in this settlement have gone through the roof, and construction teams are racing to build enough accommodation to house a booming population.

Orania clean audit
Olienhout is a 63-apartment development for the rental market, which will take place in phases. Olienhout aims to be as accessible as possible to people as a cheap development. – Photo: Orania / Facebook

What is the secret to this success?

Despite all the criticism from the outside, the insular network is pleased with the current state of play. Gawie Snyman, a municipal official for the town, broke the news on social media this week. He hailed the administration’s proper financial management as ‘the key to their success’.

“On Friday 16 September 2022, our Shareblock Company held our 31st Annual Shareholders Meeting. We are proud to confirm that Orania received our 31st clean and unqualified audit. Good corporate governance and proper financial management are key to success.” | Gawie Snyman

It’s a 31st clean audit for Orania

Orania’s Chief Executive Officer, Joost Strydom, has also been waxing lyrical about the clean audit. He praised the municipality for being ‘one that works’, and boasted about the run that has set tongues wagging across the country.

Indeed, Orania may be a contentious place – but it is still going about its business diligently: