Nomia Ndlovu shackles 120

Photo: Twitter / YouTube

Tears, new hair, shackles: Alleged family killer Nomia Ndlovu in more court drama

Nomia Ndlovu, accused of plotting the murders of relatives and her boyfriend, appeared in shackles during her latest theatrical court appearance.

Nomia Ndlovu shackles 120

Photo: Twitter / YouTube

It has been yet another eventful day in court for Nomia Ndlovu – the woman accused of orchestrating the murder of FIVE family members and her boyfriend, for a seven-figure insurance payout. Her erratic behaviour in court has alarmed onlookers previously, and the high drama continued in the dock on Monday.

Nomia Ndlovu – latest court updates for Monday 20 September

First and foremost, Nomia Ndlovu has been crying a lot during this trial, and the waterworks were on show once more today. Some have accused her of displaying ‘crocodile tears’, but for the third time in just a few days, the mention of her boyfriend has elicited a strong response from the defendant.

Use of shackles under the spotlight

Also known as Rosemary, Nomia Ndlovu’s entrance into court drew a lot of attention – after she shuffled in wearing shackles. The cast iron leg restraints made her mobility difficult, and indicated how dangerous the legal authorities perceive this woman to be. The use of shackles does not come without controversy, however.

Nomia Ndlovu’s new barnet causes a stir

And finally, there was a fair bit of chatter about her hair. Given that six people are dead and the state is trying to secure justice for them, it seems that some have their priorities in the wrong place. However, it did raise the question about where exactly she found a stylist while being remanded in police custody.

  • The trial continues on Monday 20 September