stage 6 load shedding

[FILE] A top expert has warned that the situation could deteriorate this week – Image: Canva

Breaking: Eskom announces load-shedding move to Stage 2

Embattled power supplier Eskom has announced a load-shedding move from Stage 3 to Stage 2 on Thursday 12 pm. Ok fine… we’ll take it.

stage 6 load shedding

[FILE] A top expert has warned that the situation could deteriorate this week – Image: Canva

National power utility Eskom has announced load-shedding Stage 3 will give way to Stage 2 as of Thursday afternoon at 12:00. The news was delivered by CEO Andre de Ruyter during a live briefing on Thursday morning.


The latest update follows after de Ruyter announced the move to Stage 3 on Tuesday, but warned extended power outages may be implemented. The energy provider has left South Africans in complete fury after what has been a severe round of load-shedding over the past week and since 2021.

The CEO said the nation will begin the new phase on Thursday afternoon until 05:00 on Friday. de Ruyter added that the blackouts will end this coming weekend.

“We will maintain stage 2 until 5 am on Friday and we will be able to lift load-shedding at the weekend,” he said on Tuesday.


Additionally, Tuesday’s briefing shared plenty of information that we are likely to return to as the new coming weeks roll by. Eskom warned that load-shedding is set to continue in the immediate and distant future.

The CEO also touched on the demands on him to step down from his post as the Chief Executive of the troubled national electricity provider.

“We understand that this is a huge inconvenience to the country, we apologise for the negative impact this has had, not only on the business industry, (but) particularly (to) those students who are currently writing their matric exams and we want to request the support and cooperation of everyone to play their role in reducing demand particularly during people hours,” de Ruyter said on Tuesday.

“If the board considers that it’s appropriate for me or other people to resign then that is their decision to make. We have had no conversations in this regard so far, so I do not intend to resign on my own accord,” he said.

“You can flog a dead horse. You can even go one step further and you can change the jockey on the dead horse. But that will not necessarily solve the problem.

“And I think given the current circumstances, it is probably more important to have continuity of management rather than to fall back into the trap that Eskom has been in over the past 10 years – when we had 11 different executives. That lack of continuity has contributed significantly instability in the organisation.”

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