Carl Niehaus has resigned from the ANC with immediate effect. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Jackie Clausen)

Carl Niehaus RESIGNS from the ANC with IMMEDIATE effect

Carl Niehaus has RESIGNED with immediate effect saying in a tweet that he will not remain in the ANC with Cyril Ramaphosa as President


Carl Niehaus has resigned from the ANC with immediate effect. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Jackie Clausen)

Carl Niehaus has resigned from the African National Congress (ANC) with immediate effect, after 43-years of membership with the party. He posted a media statement on his twitter page discussing the resignation on 23 December 2022.

This comes after Niehaus was expelled from the ANC for misconduct.

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Carl Niehaus hosts #InMyCrosshairs on Twitter Space before resigning

On Wednesday 21 December, two days before his resignation, Niehaus hosted a three and a half hour long #InMyCrosshairs Twitter Space.

This space hosted over 30 000 participants.

During this, he engaged with fellow comrades and explained why he cannot continue being a part of the ANC.

Watch the recording here:

During this, Niehaus said he made it clear that his ideals, which informed his decision to join the ANC 43 years ago, are still the same.

He stated that his commitment to the full liberation of black, and especially African, South Africans – which encapsulates both liberation from racism and economic exploitation and subjugation – have not changed.

Niehaus retracts his appeal against expulsion

Carl Niehaus stated that he informed his legal representative, Dr. Mathews Phosa to officially withdraw his appeal against his expulsion by the ANC.

“Since I am resigning with immediate effect, to proceed with my appeal will be illogical, and a waste of time and effort. There is also no need to subject myself to the continuing farcical kangaroo court of the ANC National Disciplinary Committee, and by extension the National Disciplinary Committee of Appeal ” Niehaus said in a statement.

Niehaus further stated that the ANC ancestors are ‘spinning in their graves’ at the current state of the ANC.

He accused the ANC of not being the same as when it had started and referred to it as a ‘slave-like service of white monopoly capitalism.’

“Imposters have taken over, and they are abusing the ANC colours and logo for a neoliberal thing, that is no longer the original ANC, and that is now in the slave-like service of White Monopoly Capitalism (WMC), and Western Imperialism, led by sell out agents and spies under the criminal mafia leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa.” Niehaus said.

Niehaus concluded in saying that he will continue to dedicate his life and all the energy he has to the liberation ideals that brought him to join the ANC.

He stated that he will continue to be fully part of the struggle for Radical Economic Transformation (RET), and full liberation.