A 87-year-old man has died, presumably of a heart attack, after a farm attack. Image: Google maps/ Pixabay

87-year-old man DIES after farm attack in North West

An 87-year-old man has died, possibly due to a heart attack, after a farm attack in North West; his 57-year-old son suffered moderate injuries


A 87-year-old man has died, presumably of a heart attack, after a farm attack. Image: Google maps/ Pixabay

Five armed men attacked and assaulted an 87-year-old man and his 57-year-old son on a farm in Kameel near Stella in the North West at around 3:00 on Sunday, 5 March, Maroela Media reports.

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Victims suffer minor injuries in farm attack

The attackers, who had their faces covered, overpowered the father and son, tied them up, and ransacked the house.

They then fled in the victims’ white Isuzu bakkie with stolen items, including a revolver, ammunition, mobile phones, clothes, a television, and a microwave oven.

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The victims suffered moderate injuries and sought help from a neighboring farm.

Tragically, the father died shortly after the attack, possibly due to a heart attack caused by the shock of the incident.

The police are investigating the case of robbery and have initiated an inquest.

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Statistics of these attacks

Accurately assessing the magnitude of farm attacks and murders requires reliable statistics.

This also aids in identifying trends and determining where to allocate resources to address the problem.

However, avoiding including incorrect information in the statistics is important, which can lead to unfounded inferences and emotional reactions.

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To gather farm attack statistics, the Rural Safety Strategy defines all forms of violence against people living on farms and smallholdings, as well as those who work or visit the premises.

This includes crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and bodily harm, as well as violence aimed at disrupting legitimate farming activities by destroying infrastructure and property.

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Consequently, farm attack statistics cover not only commercial farmers but also smallholding owners involved in farming activities, emerging farmers, farm workers, their family members, and visitors.