Critical Skills List new jobs

Around 27 000 jobs in the healthcare sector remain vacant – Photo: Adobe Stock

‘We need doctors’: Eight NEW jobs added to SA’s Critical Skills List

South Africa now has a selection of new jobs on its Critical Skills List – and foreign workers ‘will be required’ to plug the gaps…

Critical Skills List new jobs

Around 27 000 jobs in the healthcare sector remain vacant – Photo: Adobe Stock

The DA are claiming a policy victory this weekend, after Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi confirmed that a host of new jobs in the medical sector would now be added to South Africa’s Critical Skills List.

Critical Skills List new jobs doctor
Hospitals in South Africa were placed under tremendous strain during the COVID-19 pandemic – Photo: Adobe Stock

What new jobs are on the Critical Skills List?

The exclusive list identifies the industries and professions which are suffering from glaring shortages in Mzansi. Right now, healthcare finds itself light by TENS OF THOUSANDS of jobs. That’s why the government is ready to open up its borders to those who can help.

As well as wanting senior and experienced clinical doctors, South Africa also requires more professionals to work in child care. Furthermore, our hospital wards are in dire need of staffing. The following EIGHT jobs have now been added to the Critical Skills List.

Foreign workers ‘needed’ to plug the gaps

Michelle Clark is the Shadow Health Minister. She was quick to point out on Sunday that the DA raised these issues with Mr. Motsoaledi back in April. The opposition party is overjoyed with these developments, after they revealed that 27 000 healthcare positions remained vacant in 2022.

For Clark, bringing in a trove of foreign doctors and nurses will be most beneficial to ‘the poor and those in rural areas’. The politician states that the decision to upgrade our Critical Skills List will now provide ‘much relief’ to an industry that has been working under immense strain recently.

“It is no secret that the healthcare sector, especially the public sector, is suffering from an immense shortage of skilled doctors and nurses. South Africa is not able to train sufficient doctors and nurses to fill the needs of the country.”

“By opening up the health sector to foreign, skilled doctors and nurses, it will provide much relief to the short-term future of the health sector in South Africa given the current shortage of qualified doctors and nurses, with the rural areas and the poor benefitting the most.”

Michelle Clark