Cape Town traffic road closures

Several suburbs within the city bowl will also be significantly affected – Photo: Flickr

TEN road closures set to cause ‘traffic chaos’ in the heart of Cape Town

Cape Town will suffer a small-scale ‘traffic nightmare’ over the next weeks, after a number of city centre road closures were announced.

Cape Town traffic road closures

Several suburbs within the city bowl will also be significantly affected – Photo: Flickr

A set of road closures to facilitate a major resurfacing operation will be deployed in Cape Town this week – with the project set to last for about three weeks. However, a number of the roads are located in the City Bowl, meaning that the traffic disruption will be significant.

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Cape Town road closures: Where are resurfacing works taking place?

Old asphalt layers will be milled and filled with new asphalt, to create a smooth riding surface along the ten roads that have been identified by the City of Cape Town. Further details on the process were released on Monday morning.

  • Work is set to begin on the resurfacing project this Thursday (19 May), covering a total distance of 3km.
  • Ten major roads running through the heart of Cape Town will be impacted.
  • ALL roads affected will be closed between the hours of 7:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, when the repairs are being carried out.
  • Diversions will be provided at the site of each road closure.
  • All being well, the project should be finished by Tuesday 7 June.
  • Roads will be closed in Gardens, Bantry Bay, Bo-Kaap, Sea Point, Kensington, Zonnebloem, and Maitland.

Traffic nightmare ‘should be over in a few weeks’

Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility, Councillor Rob Quintas, accepts that these roadworks will cause ‘an inconvenience’ to those commuting through the city centre – but ultimately, this short-term pain WILL lead to long-term gain:

“Road maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of our road network, even more so before the winter rains. Unfortunately, this type of work always comes with some inconvenience for our traffic…”

“I want to ask residents in the affected suburbs in the City Bowl to be patient while this is ongoing. We will try and get the work done as soon as possible, pending any bad weather and other unforeseen delays.”

Rob Quintas

FULL LIST of roads closures in Cape Town, from 19 May to 7 June

The following roads form part of the project:

  1. Dawes Street, from Longmarket Street to the cul de sac, Bo-Kaap.
  2. Ivy Street, from Kloof Street to the cul de sac, Gardens.
  3. Woodburn Crescent, from Invermark Crescent to Molteno Street, Gardens.
  4. Breda Street, from Gladstone Street to Mill Street, Gardens.
  5. Gladiolus Avenue, around the park, Gardens.
  6. Kings Road, from Kloof Road to Regent Road, Sea Point.
  7. Nettleton Road, from Kloof Road to the cul de sac, Bantry Bay.
  8. Sunderland Street, from 7th Avenue to 10th Avenue, Kensington.
  9. Canterbury Road, from Caledon Street to Roeland Street, Zonnebloem.
  10. Product Road, from the rail crossing to 50m west from the crossing, Maitland.