Pretoria protests most dangerous cities

A protest brings the streets of Pretoria to a standstill, 22/10/2021 – Photo: Twitter

FOUR cities in SA now considered amongst ‘world’s most dangerous’

Some of the biggest cities in South Africa are ranked alongside warzones and failed states, in a list of the world’s most dangerous places.

Pretoria protests most dangerous cities

A protest brings the streets of Pretoria to a standstill, 22/10/2021 – Photo: Twitter

Another ‘most dangerous’ award for Mzansi, is it? According to a group of international security experts at Verisk Maplecroft, four cities in South Africa are now JOINT-FIRST in their Serious Crime Risk Index.

What are the most dangerous South African cities?

The Cities@Risk Security Index, which ranks 579 urban centres with a population over one million on their exposure to a range of threats, weighs up a number of factors, ranging from ‘terror prospects’ to ‘conflict intensity’.

So it’s perhaps all too gut-wrenchingly familiar that some of South Africa’s largest hubs feature amongst the criminal havens. Verisk Maplecroft have named Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, and Pretoria at the top of the tree.

It’s particularly concerning for Gauteng, given that three of its metros are mentioned. However, all of these major municipalities are now considered as some of the most dangerous cities on the planet – contributing to Africa’s cohort of 33 ‘risky regions’.

“The most dangerous cities overall are distributed widely, with the top 100 including 33 cities from the Americas, 33 from Africa, 19 from Asia, 14 from the Middle East, and one from Europe.”

“Outside of the Americas, companies operating in South Africa also face the most serious crime risks, with Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg and Pretoria in the group of cities receiving the worst possible score and ranking joint first in the index.”

Verisk Maplecroft

‘Warzones and failed states for company’…

It’s not just South Africa in peril, though: The warzones of Afghanistan and Ukraine are singled out for their respective terror and security situations, with the volatility in Venezuela and lawlessness of Latin America also making the headlines.

  • The data reveals that Kabul, Afghanistan is unsurprisingly the riskiest city overall.
  • Barquisimeto, Caracas, Maracaibo, Maracay and Valencia in Venezuela recorded some of the highest possible risk scores.
  • Chihuahua (Mexico), Medellín (Colombia), and San Salvador (the capital of El Salvador) are also amongst ‘the most dangerous’.
  • Mogadishu in Somalia, Port-au-Prince in Haiti, and Aleppo in Syria pose the greatest ‘security threats’.
  • Three Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odessa – saw their conflict intensity ratings soar, as a result of Russia’s invasion.
  • Sadly, South Africa can hold its own here, with FOUR cities coming joint-first in the ‘serious crime index’