High school principal sentenced life in rape case

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Man gets life in prison for raping a 17-year-old pregnant girl

A North West man has been sentenced to life in prison plus a further five years for raping a 17-year-old pregnant girl.

High school principal sentenced life in rape case

Prison journalism. Image: iStock images

The Schweizer Reneke Regional Court in the North West has sentenced Deon Neo Masetlo, to life imprisonment for raping a 17-year-old pregnant girl.

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Convicted for raping a pregnant teenager

He was given a further five years for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. He was declared unfit to possess a firearm and his name will be entered in the register of sexual offenders.

North West NPA’s Henry Mamothame said, “We believe this conviction will serve as a lesson to those who prey on the most vulnerable members of our society. We also hope that the conviction brings closure to the victim as well as the family.”

Masetlo’s conviction emanates from an incident that occurred on 20 July 2018, at the Ipelegeng location, whereby he came across the victim and grabbed her while hurling insults at her.

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He then instructed her to go with him to an unknown location, where she subsequently attempted to escape but failed as she fell and injured herself.

He then took out a knife and threatened her to the point that she gave in and walked with him. The victim only knew the accused by sight as one of the notorious raping gang members at the Ipelegeng location.

Along the way, she saw people sitting outside in a yard and she managed to run and ask for help. He followed her and threatened some of the men who were reprimanding him.

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Masetlo’s arrest and court appearance

He subsequently assaulted the victim and told the men that she was the mother of his children.

He then took her to a house repeatedly raping her and only allowed her to leave in the morning after she promised to come back if he grants her permission to leave.

The matter was reported to the police and Masetlo was later arrested and denied bail. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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In aggravation of the sentence, the state prosecutor, Mpho Sephapo, argued that the victim was 17 years of age and pregnant, urging the court not to deviate from the minimum prescribed sentence of life imprisonment.

He further argued that the accused had an opportunity to leave when he was reprimanded at the house where the victim sought refuge instead he continued with his intent of raping the victim.

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Magistrate Patricia Rangwako agreed with the state and remarked that women and children have a right to free movement, without fearing for their lives.

She further highlighted the important role that the court must play in protecting the most vulnerable members of society and prevent such raping incidents.

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