Dog rape rapist

The SPCA officers read the suspect his rights – Photo: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Dirty b****rd! SPCA arrest man who filmed himself ‘raping a dog’

Horrible. Just horrible. The SPCA has confirmed that a man is now in police custody, after he filmed himself raping a dog.

Dog rape rapist

The SPCA officers read the suspect his rights – Photo: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Get this man in a jail cell and out of functioning society: The SPCA has confirmed that a 23-year-old Cape Town man was arrested just hours after ‘sickening selfie-style video footage emerged’ on social media, showing him raping a dog.

Absolute rotter: Man films himself raping a dog, gets arrested

The depraved and deplorable act was uploader by the abuser online. Sure enough, the SPCA immediately investigated the incident, and within mere hours, they were able to trace the man to his home address in Manenberg, where an arrest was made.

It’s understood that the dog itself is still classed as a puppy. The animal has been living in cramp and squalid conditions. However, we’re pleased to say the victim is now in good hands, and SPCA staff are looking after the traumatised canine.

The perverted perpetrator will now be processed appropriately for his crimes. Bestiality comes with some very strict punishments. Filming yourself in the act, therefore, is up there with one of the most backwards things a person can do.

The Manenberg dog rapist was taken into police custody – Photo: SPCA

SPCA now looking after abused canine

The SPCA issued a statement on the matter earlier today. They confirmed that the dog is now under their stewardship, and a full veterinary examination has been carried out. The group has also encouraged all South Africans to report ANY animal cruelty they bare witness to.

“The footage, which clearly showed the perpetrator engaged in an act of bestiality, went viral after being posted online. The video found its way to Cape of Good Hope SPCA senior inspectors after being forwarded by concerned members of the community.”

“The man was taken into police custody and we have laid criminal charges against him for bestiality. The dog underwent a full veterinary assessment at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and will remain in safekeeping. The SPCA urges communities to report animal cruelty.” | SPCA