R50 crash

The crash occurred on the morning of Monday 24 October – Photo: Supplied

LOOK: Seven ‘killed instantly’, taxi left mangled in R50 horror crash

Tragedy has befallen these travellers on Monday, after a side-tipper truck and a taxi were involved in a horror crash on the R50.

R50 crash

The crash occurred on the morning of Monday 24 October – Photo: Supplied

Some sad news is reaching us from the R50 running through Mpumalanga on Monday morning, after a minibus taxi collided head-on with a large truck. The horror crash has, so far, claimed seven lives – all of whom were reportedly killed ‘on impact’.

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R50 horror crash leaves seven dead, with two more ‘seriously injured’

The R50 between Leandra and Standerton has indeed been closed, while the wreckage is cleared. It’s understood that the truck was carrying a heavy load of coal. Meanwhile, the taxi was transporting church congregants returning from KwaZulu-Natal.

Pictures from the scene reveal that the taxi itself had been completely mangled by the impact. The commuter vehicle was found in a grassy ditch, next to a road sign. The truck was flipped upside down, blocking parts of the R50 while also occupying parts of the same ditch.

The truck driver has been seriously injured following the R50 crash. The driver of the taxi, however, died instantly. Five of the other victims were female passengers, and another male has also passed away. Those injured in the collision have been taken to Evander Hospital.

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Side-tipper truck and minibus taxi collide, leaving a trail of destruction behind in Mpumalanga

An investigation into this harrowing incident is already underway. Authorities will be tasked with finding out how exactly this side-tipper ended up on a collision course with a full taxi. The devastation at the scene is tough to stomach, and photos taken on Monday capture the carnage.

R50 crash 3
Photo: The remains of a crumpled minibus taxi can be seen by the side of the R50 in Mpumalanga. Seven people were ‘killed instantly’, and the driver of the side-tipper truck also sustained serious injuries – Supplied