Muldersdrift SAPS Leo Cloete

Photo: Facebook

Muldersdrift latest: Wife of man shot by SAPS ‘praying for a miracle’

The wife of Len Cloete has broken her silence this week, after shocking footage of her husband being shot in the head by SAPS went viral.

Muldersdrift SAPS Leo Cloete

Photo: Facebook

Len Cloete is currently fighting for his while lying in a coma – after he was shot in the head during an altercation with several SAPS officers. The larger-than-life character, who owns a gym and has established a name for himself in Pretoria, was immediately rushed to hospital following this incident at a guest lodge in Muldersdrift.

Who is Len Cloete? Pretoria man shot in head by SAPS officer

Upon checking into the lodge, Len Cloete had a disagreement with some of the staff at reception. It’s not yet crystal clear what sparked the argument, but it soon led to police being called to calm the situation.

However, things rapidly got out of hand. After being confronted by the police, Cloete asked them to leave the premises. When the officers refused, the tension was cranked up – and the burly bloke ended up wrestling a gun away from one SAPS representative, he then goaded the other cops, and challenged them to ‘shoot him’.

Watch the Muldersdrift SAPS shooting here

Unfortunately, one of them took the statement literally, firing a bullet into Cloete’s head. He immediately collapsed to the ground, leaving the other guest in his lodge terrified and panicked.

Muldersdrift latest updates: ‘Heartbroken wife’ shares her pain

In the middle of this tragic farce is Chantal Cloete. She has been Len’s wife for the past five years, and has been left ‘completely broken’ by the events that played out in Muldersdrift.

Taking to her Facebook page over the weekend, she hailed Len as a ‘fighter’, and asked her friends and family to ‘pray for a miracle’ as he remains in a coma on Monday evening. The family has been inundated with messages of support.

“My husband is fighting for his life. My heart is completely broken. Taking it day by day. We miss you! Your kids are waiting for you. Fight my husband, I can’t lose you, not like that. Please everyone pray for a miracle. He was shot and is currently in a coma. We love you my angel my husband my everything. Please come back to us.”

“Your kiddos keep your space warm in our bed. We miss you a lot, my husband. Fight for me and fight for them, and all your kiddos still need you so much. I love you very much my best friend.”

Chantal Cloete