ANCYL riots

Photo by LUCA SOLA / AFP

‘There was a plot to remove our govt’ – ANC confirm insurrection claims

Right-wing forces, a former top spy, and an ex-SANDF general have all been accused of plotting an ‘insurrection’ against the ANC this week.

ANCYL riots

Photo by LUCA SOLA / AFP

There you have it. Deputy Minister for the State Security Agency, Zizi Kodwa, has told the media that the recent unrest across South Africa has been inspired by a genuine insurrection attempt – which was allegedly in the works way before former president and ex-ANC leader Jacob Zuma got himself sent to jail.

Insurrection claims confirmed by deputy minister

Kodwa said that there was a ‘big plot’ to topple the government, by shutting down major ports and food distribution lines. Those behind the riots have been largely successful, bringing the country to its knees this week. However, the prominent ANC representative believes that the masterminds of this chaos have also collaborated with ‘right-wing forces’.

“There was a big plot for domestic instability before Zuma was jailed. The plan was just to destroy everything else, there must be agitation and remove this government. To an extent, they wanted to destabilise the country and they also planned what is called in a right-wing language, a lone wolf must start racial tension and racial war in SA.”

“There was a clear orchestrated plan of economical sabotage, with right-wing elements. Part of targetting malls is part of agitating for what is called popular revolt so that people at the end of the day abuse and exploit their socio-economic conditions which at the end of the day, those who loot do not understand the bigger plan.” | Zizi Kodwa

South Africa riots: Who has been instigating this?

Not everyone shares Kodwa’s point of view, however. Dianne Kohler Barnard is the Shadow SSA Minister, and she is openly wondering why blatant social media campaigns – which hinted at an insurrection – were not picked up by the country’s intelligence department. Kohler Barnard, meanwhile, suspects ex-spy Thulani Dlomo is one of the instigators:

“Any 10-year-old would have been able to show them the threatening leaflets flying over social media – giving dates and venues for various protests and looting days in advance. Yet, to quote the Minister of Defence, they were ‘caught with their pants down’. Specialised cybercrime units exist – but seemingly did nothing.

Was it an attempt at a coup? A name that has emerged time and again over the years, is back. He is former Ambassador to Japan Thulani Dlomo who went AWOL from the SSA for months after he was axed from the position. He is widely known as “Zuma’s personal spy”. He is one of the 12 names being bandied about as instigators of the insurrection.”