KZN: Woman survives close enco

KZN: Woman survives close encounter with BLACK MAMBA in her home

Imagine returning home only to discover a black mamba curled up somewhere in your home – that’s what happened to a KZN woman

KZN: Woman survives close enco

There aren’t many people who come face to face with a black mamba and live to tell the tale, but a woman from Bishopstowe, just outside of Pietermaritzburg managed to do just that.

According to IOL, the woman had just returned home when she encountered the snake at her own bar. She said her helper told her about a strange sound coming from the area – that’s when they both went to investigate.

I didn’t think too much of it, but I was also cautious that there are snakes in the area. I began moving around a few boxes and 500 metres away, curled on a shelf was a black mamba staring at me,” she’s quoted by IOL as having said.


The KZN woman says she was quite shocked by the discovery – as most people would presumably be after finding a black mamba inside their home.

She told the publication that at no point during the encounter did the snake try to attack her. That’s when she says she closed the door and called the local snake catcher.

Dean Boswell, who found the black mamba said he arrived just minutes later and found the snake in the same spot.

“There was no space for it to move around. The mamba was quite relaxed until I grabbed it with the tongs. It thrashed around a bit, but I got it under control and into a container,” he is quoted as saying.

As to how the black mamba could have land, well, the woman was told by Boswell that there was an open window near the bar counter.

This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened: Earlier this year, a teenage boy in Chatsworth, Durban spotted a black bamba in his bedroom. The teenager was reportedly enjoying an afternoon nap when he was woken up by the sound of things being knocked over on the bedroom floor before spotting the Black Mamba, according to a Facebook post.