Mpho Phalatse

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Dr Mpho Phalatse. Photo: Twitter/ @our_da

‘I will not be resigning,’ says Joburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse

City of Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse is expected to face a motion of no confidence vote that was tabled against her, on Friday

Mpho Phalatse

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Dr Mpho Phalatse. Photo: Twitter/ @our_da

City of Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse is hitting back at calls from opposition parties for her to resign and says she has every intention of finishing her term in office.

Phalatse made the remark in an open letter to residents on Thursday, 29 September 2022. This was after the newly-elected Joburg council Speaker Colleen Makhubele called a special sitting for Friday, which will likely be for the Democtratic Alliance (DA) mayor’s motion of no confidence vote.

Phalatse was elected mayor in November 2021, following the local government elections. She won by a resounding margin – bagging 144 votes while the ANC’s Mpho Moerane only managed to receive 121.

The DA made a comeback in the City of Joburg, thanks to support from the EFF and ActionSA.



Now as she fights to stay in office, Mpho Phalatse is turning to residents of the City of Johannesburg to avoid getting the boot, with the launch of the #HandsOffJoburg campaign.

Phalatse has urged residents to make their voices heard on social media, radio as well as TV by joining the campaign and lobbying their councillors to protect their interests.

“I will not be resigning, and I along with the 10 members of the mayoral committee intend on completing our electoral term of office so that we can build this beautiful city, across its seven regions, and call it a city of golden opportunities, where all residents feel that they are part of a beautifully diverse community.”

City of Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse

The ANC in Johannesburg, which recently ousted the DA’s Vasco Da Gama, is unhappy with how the party has presided over the metro and want Phalatse to resign as the mayor.

“The ANC is grateful that the people of Johannesburg will get a government that cares about them. The outcome of the election is a demonstration of democracy. It’s not going to end here, we are coming back. The mayor, who is messing up the city, she is next in line. We want to advise her not to waste our time so we do not do motion of no confidence. She must just resign,” said the party’s Sasabona Manganye.