Things didn’t go to plan for this dangerous criminal earlier today – Photo: Crime Air Network / Twitter

Instant karma? Joburg hijacker shot DEAD by quick-thinking driver

Things DID NOT end well for this hijacker in Joburg: The crook was dealt a slice of rough justice, after messing with the wrong driver.


Things didn’t go to plan for this dangerous criminal earlier today – Photo: Crime Air Network / Twitter

If you think you’ve had a bad day on the job, get a load of this guy: A suspected hijacker from Joburg was found dead in the vehicle he attempted to steal on Wednesday. This, after victim behind the wheel managed to SHOOT the thief through the windscreen.

Hijacker goes in all guns blazing… and loses out

The vehicle, initially stolen in Sandton, was then discovered in Alexandra – with the hijacker slumped in the back seat. It’s understood that he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, and despite being able to make a brief getaway, the criminal eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Details of the altercation itself remain scarce – but we do know that this perp used a ‘blank gun’ in order to intimidate his target. However, it just so happened that this vigilant motorist was also packing heat – and he certainly wasn’t in the mood for firing blanks.

LOOK: Joburg hijacker found dead in car he stole

It’s also been established that the carjacker ‘worked with accomplices’ to take the car. Alas, they were nowhere to be seen when police arrived at the scene. Officers who approached the nicked vehicle were greeted by the site of a deceased male, sprawled across the rear seats:

The unsuccessful hijacker got a taste of his own medicine on Wednesday – Photo: @CrimeAirNetwork / Twitter

Joburg thief learns the harshest lesson of them all

It’s since been established that the car was taken on Marlboro Drive in Sandton, before coming to an unceremonious stop on the corner of Shibobo and Score Street. Vision Tactical, a local security firm, confirmed that the vehicle had been recovered by law enforcement agencies.

“Units are on the scene in Alexandra for a hijacked vehicle that was recovered. One suspect killed. Medi response and SAPS are also present. According to reports on the ground, the victim shot the suspect when they tried to hijack his vehicle.” | Vision Tactical