Jesus Reborn Loskop dam

The distressed person ran into Loskop Dam, before eventually drowning – Photo: Supplied

Naked man, claiming to be ‘Jesus Reborn’, drowns in Loskop Dam

A man in Mpumalanga claiming to be ‘Jesus Reborn’ was spotted at Loskop Dam over the weekend, where things took a tragic turn.

Jesus Reborn Loskop dam

The distressed person ran into Loskop Dam, before eventually drowning – Photo: Supplied

An utterly tragic tale has reached us from Mpumalanga this week, after a distressed person ran into Loskop Dam and drowned. The frenzied person had told a local security company that he was ‘Jesus Reborn’, before dashing into the water and ending his life.

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A truly bizarre scene greeted security officials who arrived at Loskop Dam on Saturday. Located near Groblersdal in Mpumalanga, the huge water source is ordinarily a huge draw for tourists. However, there was nothing particularly welcoming about this man’s behaviour.

When Pentagon Security representatives entered Loskop Dam, they saw the man ripping the seats out of his own VW Golf. The vehicle had also been set alight. While guards attempted to detain him, the main claiming to be Jesus Reborn headed towards some bushes.

Jesus Reborn
Here, there would be no ‘walking on water’, and no resurrection: According to local media, security officials found the disoriented man – who identified himself as ‘Jesus Reborn’ – frantically ripping out the seats of his car and smashing the windows, before setting the motor alight. An investigation has been launched to establish what exactly caused this manic episode – Photo: Supplied

Loskop Dam latest: Security teams bemused by man’s behaviour

The security team lost track of the manic civilian, before he resurfaced near the water’s edge. After a brief confrontation with the officials, he lunged forward and splashed down into the dam. He walked out into the deep, before submerging himself underwater.

Attempts to save his life ultimately proved to be unsuccessful. On Saturday morning, he was declared dead, and the state pathologist is now in possession of his body. An investigation is underway to determine what exactly drove this person to such extreme behaviour.