Gogo rapist

The alleged rapist remains under police guard in a KZN hospital – Photo: Adobe Stock

‘Hero gogo’ fights off rapist in KZN – by HACKING him with a bush-knife

A KZN-based gogo has managed to hospitalise her attacker, after she inflicted some serious upon the suspected rapist.

Gogo rapist

The alleged rapist remains under police guard in a KZN hospital – Photo: Adobe Stock

A rapist with an alleged history of sexual offences evidently messed with the wrong gogo last week, after the 62-year-old pensioner was able to fend-off the attack by swiping at him with a bush-knife.

KZN gogo fights off her would-be rapist

The harrowing ordeal, which took place in the Ndedwe region of KZN, resulted in both the victim and the perpetrator requiring hospital treatment. The gogo in question was struck in the head – but she gave as good as she got.

According to KZN Police Spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Nqobile Gwala, the woman was ‘hacked away’ at her attacker, before shouting for help and summoning her neighbours. The suspect was picked up by police shortly afterwards.

This particular offender is said to be well-known in the community, with witnesses claiming the man ‘has raped before’. Gwala’s account of the violent scene leaves little to the imagination, and a 42-year-old man is set to be criminally charged on several counts.

“This complainant alleges than an unknown male entered her place of residence… and tried to rape her. The victim managed to grab a bush knife and hacked the suspect. She then shouted for help and the neighbours came to her rescue.”

“The suspect is facing charges of with burglary, attempted rape and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He was taken to hospital [under police guard] as the result of the injuries he sustained in the altercation.”

Nqobile Gwala

Ndedwe SAPS confirm further details

What’s more, no case has been opened against the tenacious granny, who was reportedly targeted during a round of load shedding. The suspect, meanwhile, has served prison time previously – and he’ll be getting acquainted with the cells again soon.

After her door was kicked down, the victim was strangled and assaulted by the alleged rapist – which makes it all the more incredible that she found the strength to fight back and incapacitate him. The pensioner is also receiving treatment for the injuries she sustained.