neighbour bludgeoned to death

In a separate incident, another suspect used a hammer to murder his mother in Gqeberha. Image: Unsplash

Instant karma? Gqeberha man KILLS mother – then dies in hit-and-run incident

Well this was an eventful evening: A Gqeberha man was struck down by a car, just hours after allegedly fleeing the scene of his mom’s murder.

neighbour bludgeoned to death

In a separate incident, another suspect used a hammer to murder his mother in Gqeberha. Image: Unsplash

SAPS in Gqeberha have revealed the bizarre details behind two connected cases this week – after a man suspected of murdering his mother on Monday morning was also killed in a hit-and-run incident.

Gqeberha man accused of killing his mother ‘hit by a car’

The scarcely-believable circumstances have led some to believe that ‘karma’ got to work quickly on Siya Tshem. The police are adamant that the 26-year-old is responsible for the brutal killing, in which his mother Nozipho was struck over the head multiple times with a hammer.

Following an almighty commotion, the son fled the scene and disappeared into the night. Tragically, it’s understood that the family had gathered in Gqeberha for the funeral of Nozipho’s daughter (Siya’s sister), and after the ceremony, tensions boiled over in gruesome fashion:

“A 26-year-old male allegedly bludgeoned his 72-year-old mother to death during the early hours of this morning in Mondile Street in Kwanobuhle. According to police information, it is alleged that at about 2:00, Mrs Nozipho Tshem was sleeping in the living room of her deceased daughter’s house when her son entered the room.”

“It is further alleged that there was a commotion between the two of them. Mrs Tshem was repeatedly assaulted on her head with a hammer. She succumbed to her injuries on the scene. Her son fled the scene.”

SAPS statement

Karma at work?

However, that wouldn’t be the last crime Siya Tshem was involved in. That came just two hours later. When a traumatised member of the public presented themselves to the local police station to report a hit-and-run, police rushed to the scene – only to find the victim was actually their desperately-wanted murder suspect.

  • While police were still at the scene, there was a complaint of a culpable homicide in Matanzima Street
  • At about 4:30, the driver of a VW Polo reported a hit and run incident at Kwanobuhle Station.
  • Police found a male person lying in the road. He died prior to receiving any medical attention…
  • As it turns out, the body was later identified as Siya Tshem – the suspect in the murder of Nozipho Tshem.
  • Alongside the initial murder docket, a case of culpable homicide is also under investigation.

Gqeberha SAPS ‘still investigating both incidents’

This strange twist of fate has left the police with work to do, however. A motive needs to be established for the murder of Mrs. Tshem, and investigations will continue in earnest. Meanwhile, the probe into the culpable homicide case will look to determine if the driver of the VW Polo must face any further legal charges.