Franschhoek vaccination

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SA town attracts tourists – using its 85% vaccination rate as a selling point

This is our new normal: With over 85% of citizens vaccinated in Franschhoek, tourists are being encouraged to visit the ‘COVID-safe’ town.

Franschhoek vaccination

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There are few places with more breathtaking beauty than Franschhoek. The Western Cape town is a shimmering jewel in the crown of the Winelands, and now it has another strong selling point – its huge vaccination rate.

Franschhoek vaccination rates used to tempt tourists

More than 85% of the local population has had a COVID-19 jab, since the rollout started back in May. Things were pushed into overdrive by August, and the results speak for themselves…

  • A project to vaccinate ‘everyone in Franschhoek valley’ was launched, to retain international tourism here.
  • It cost around R40 000 a day to finance the vaccine drive, and pay staff accordingly.
  • The local clinic has employed a nurse, whose sole job is to jab the public.
  • Clicks also added extra vaccination days at their Franschhoek outlet.
  • So far, almost nine-out-of-ten people have been fully immunised against the virus.

Alan Winde thanked for vaccination support

Franschhoek Tourism Marketing Manager, Ruth McCourt, has thanked the Western Cape Government for launching the initiative, which she says was an important factor in bringing more visitors back to the town.

“Not only has this been driven by Franschhoek Tourism, but it is a campaign which has actively been endorsed by the entire community, as the need for tourists to return to our valley safely and explore our amazing offerings, is so important. We are extremely grateful to Premier Winde for helping us realise our vision and supporting us all the way.”

Ruth McCourt

Franschhoek has a new selling point

Franschhoek is miles ahead of the rest of South Africa. Nationally, only 37% of adults have received a full set of vaccinations against the virus. In this part of the Western Cape, however, local businesses are now leaning into their ‘COVID-safe’ status – using it as a marketable tool to tempt tourists once more…