Boy shoots

Four-year-old boy SHOOTS at police arresting his father

WATCH: Four-year-old boy SHOOTS at police arresting his father

“Drop the gun,” yelled a police officer. “It’s just a kid,” said another officer, after realising the boy had been firing the shot

Boy shoots

Four-year-old boy SHOOTS at police arresting his father

Police in Utah, the United States (US) have released footage which show the shocking moment a four-year-old boy opened fire on cops trying to arrest his father.

According to several US media outlets, police were called after 27-year-old Sadaat Johnson brandished a gun at McDonald’s staff in Salt Lake City, for apparently getting his order wrong. The video shows shows officers first struggling to forcibly get him out of his car.

In a statement, police said officers approached the vehicle, “issuing several verbal commands to the male to exit the vehicle, he did not cooperate. Officers opened the vehicle door and pulled the male from the car. While taking the male into custody, an officer turned back toward the vehicle and saw a gun pointing out from the rear window.”



ABC4 reports that as officers force the boy’s father to the ground to handcuff him, one of them shouts, “Gun!” — seconds before a single shot rings out.

One of them can be heard yelling, “Drop the gun.”

Another officer standing in a combat stance with his weapon pointed at those inside the car. “It’s just a kid,” says another. A female officer can be heard asking the child, “You alright, kid?.” The child was crying and visibly upset.

The boy was also with his three-year-old sister.

At the time, police said Johnson  “brandished a firearm at the employees” after getting “an incorrect order in the drive-thru.”

Police have charged him with child abuse, aggravated assault, and interference with an arresting officer.

The shocking incident occurred back in February, but the footage has only been released now.

The boy reportedly told police that he took the gun because “he wanted his daddy back,” charging records show. The child also told police that Johnson said, “the police officer cannot open the door,” during the altercation.