Ramaphosa tavern closures

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Ramaphosa threatens ‘tavern closures’ in wake of Enyobeni tragedy

He isn’t playing nice: After the loss of life witnessed at Enyobeni, Ramaphosa could combat underage drinking with specific tavern closures.

Ramaphosa tavern closures

Photo: PresidencyZA / Twitter

Cyril Ramaphosa used his eulogy at the Enyobeni funeral service to rally against the vendors who sell alcohol to underage drinkers – and the president has threatened a wave of ‘tavern closures’ for venues that can’t get their act together.

Tavern closures a reality for offending businesses – Cyril Ramaphosa

The ANC leader, visibly emotional during the service, lashed out at the proprietors of the Enyobeni tavern, for failing to keep children our of their establishment. The owners are also facing a litany of criminal charges, whereas the building itself is set to be demolished.

Cyril Ramaphosa wants to clamp-down on underage drinking after Enyobeni

Last weekend, 21 young souls perished in an as-yet unexplained disaster. Police arrived at the scene to find bodies strewn across the floor, at a venue where thousands had packed into just hours before. Many in attendance – and all of the deceased – were minors.

The tragedy has already prompted Cyril Ramaphosa to consider raising the legal drinking to 21, but the president wants to go one step further. He told crowds on Wednesday that tavern closures ‘will be permanent’ for any business that still plies children with booze.

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Taverns given warning by ANC leader

  • Speaking from the heart, Cyril made it clear who he blames for the harrowing scene witnessed at the Enyobeni tavern:

“Blame must be laid at the feet of those who are making money off the dreams and lives of the young people of South Africa by breaking the law and selling them alcohol. Any liquor outlet that sells alcohol to underaged children must be permanently closed.”

“If you are a tavern owner and you are selling alcohol to kids, that tavern must be closed and closed permanently, because we cannot lose more children to alcohol. These are not places where our young people should find themselves.”

Cyril Ramaphosa