A group of armed suspects stole more than a dozen chainsaws from a Sabie home. Photo: Pixabay

Grim: Elderly man gets leg SAWN OFF in bizarre ‘arrangement’ – then dies

A 36-year-old is alleged to have cut the 66-year-old’s leg with a battery-powered saw and leaving him to bleed to death


A group of armed suspects stole more than a dozen chainsaws from a Sabie home. Photo: Pixabay

This is probably as gruesome as it gets! An elderly man has died after having his leg amputated as part of an off arrangement police believe he made with a so-called friend. Now a 36-year-old male has been arrested on a charge of murder after the 66-year-old reportedly bled to death.

According to police in Queensland, Australia, the suspect had used an electric saw to perform the act at a park, in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The man was reportedly found by passers-by who contacted authorities and an ambulance but it was too late to save the man as he sucumbed to his injuries, 7News reports..


Police are surmising that the two men drove together to Fitzgerald Park in Innisfail just before 04:00 and sat under a tree. Then about 20 minutes later, the suspect is alleged to have cut the other man’s leg off under the knee before helping him back into the car and leaving on foot.

The 36-year-old man was located by law enforcement officers then charged him with one count of murder. He is exppected to make an appear in court on Monday, 21 February 2022.

“Police will allege these two people were known to each other, the nature of that relationship is forming part of our investigations. Police also believe there was an arrangement between the two people for the amputation of the leg,” said Detective Acting Inspector Gary Hunter.

Police have further also appealed with anyone with Dashcam of CCTV footage that may help in the case. There are no details about the alleged arrangement, but police saya liaison officer was assisting the victim’s devastated family.

“Obviously they are upset with what’s occurred and it’s totally unexpected. During my 34 years as a police officer I’ve never experienced a situation as we are presented with here today.”

Detective Acting Inspector Gary Hunter