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E-hailing strike: Police disarmed, shot fired in the Union Buildings

The e-hailing strike turned ugly this afternoon when a police officer was allegedly disarmed by striking drivers.

hearse driver

Photo: Pixabay

One shot has been fired at Government Avenue in the Union Buildings, after a police officer was allegedly accosted by striking e-hailing drivers.

E-hailing service drivers embarked on a three-day nationwide strike on Tuesday. This forced South Africans to look for other means to get to their destinations as e-hailing service prices also sky rocketed because of the strike. 


The police officer who did not want to identify himself said he was attacked, disarmed and had his firearm discharged during the e-hailing strike.

“I am a police officer, they fired a shot from my fire arm. They were violent because they thought I was an Uber driver when they stopped me. I had to take out my fire arm to protect myself. I am going to open a case,” he said.

Two people were arrested and taken to the Sunnyside police station not far from the Union Buildings.


The drivers have a number of grievances with their respective e-hailing providers and are now demanding the government’s intervention. Chief among their complaints is the fact that the sector isn’t regulated, which they say paves the way for them being exploited by the companies.

Chairperson of the Private Public Transport Association, Vhatuka Mbelengwa had warned e-hailing commuters that there will be a limited number of vehicles at all available in the sector. Even those who are not actively participating in the strike will submit the memorandum and will be offline at home.

The e-hailing drivers from various branches met in Marabastad in Tshwane and headed to the Union Buildings to deliver their memorandum.

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