Paramedics rushed to the scene on Jan Smuts Highway – Photo: Emer-G-Med

ICYMI: Durban hijacker SHOT DEAD by the motorist he tried to rob

A vehicle hijacker was killed in self-defence on Wednesday evening, after tangling with a very well-prepared motorist in Durban.


Paramedics rushed to the scene on Jan Smuts Highway – Photo: Emer-G-Med

The universe works in mysterious ways. An armed hijacker in Durban seemingly met his match on Wednesday, after his plan to steal a vehicle was brutally upended by the victim. Others involved in the attempted carjacking quickly fled the scene.

Durban car thieves experience ‘instant karma’

As per the first responders, the incident took place at 19:30 on 16 November. At least three suspects were involved in the botched hijacking, and one of them approached a civilian holding a firearm. Alas, this tactic completely backfired.

While being threatened at gunpoint on the Jan Smuts Highway, the quick-thinking driver responded rapidly. He quickly drew his own weapon, and fired a shot in self-defence. The hijacker was instantly incapacitated, and the bullet allegedly ‘killed him instantly’.

Multiple suspects tried to steal the vehicle in question – but they weren’t banking on the driver’s decisive reaction – Photo: Unsplash

Paramedics confirm shot fired ‘in self-defence’ killed hijacker

The sight of their leader being blown the ground spooked the other crooks, who took off and fled in an ‘unknown direction’. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, to declare one of the hijackers as deceased. We’ve yet to receive confirmation of any further arrests.

Emer-G-Med sped to the scene on Wednesday. They were able to provide support for the would-be victim, and have since confirmed a number of details about the incident. It’s quite possible that the motorist’s act of self-defence saved his life – albeit at the expense of someone else’s.

“At approximately 19:30 yesterday evening [Wednesday 16 November], Emer-G-Med paramedics responded to the scene of a shooting incident on Jan Smuts Highway, leading into Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.”

“The deceased and his accomplices attempted to hijack a man at gunpoint. However, the victim quickly fired a shot in defence of his life, killing the man in the process. The accomplices then immediately fled in an unknown direction.” | Emer-G-Med statement