ELVIS Nyathi DA Diepsloot seven mob justice

[File] One person was killed overnight in Diepsloot – Photo: @dinanodamano / Twitter

Diepsloot: One killed in mob justice attack, after demand ‘to see passports’

Police remain active at the mob justice murder scene in Diepsloot, with the victim’s widow claiming they were told to show their passports.

ELVIS Nyathi DA Diepsloot seven mob justice

[File] One person was killed overnight in Diepsloot – Photo: @dinanodamano / Twitter

Tensions have reached fever pitch in the Gauteng settlement of Diepsloot overnight, after a man was murdered in an apparent mob justice attack. The victim has been named as Elvis Nyathi.

Diepsloot unrest: Latest news and updates, Thursday 7 April

Protests have erupted in this part of the province, and locals say they are gatvol with high crime rates and large numbers of undocumented migrants. Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux arrived in Diepsloot on Wednesday, and his presence did very little to calm the rising tides of anger.

Over the weekend, seven people in the township – all believed to be South African nationals – were killed following an outbreak of violence. The community has been balanced on a knife-edge ever since, and Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the area yesterday. But his presence didn’t intimidate some lawbreakers.

‘Victim asked to show passport’ during mob justice attack

Nyathi’s wife, inconsolable when addressing the media this morning, explained that several people stormed into their home and demanded to see their passports. The pair tried to hide, but were ultimately unsuccessful. According to the bereaved partner, they were also accused of being in possession of a gun.

Mob justice in Diepsloot

No arrests have been made, as on 9:00 on Thursday. Police remain active at the scene, and discussions with key witnesses continue. It’s also alleged that Elvis Nyathi met a particularly brutal end…

The victim is thought to have been burned to death by the thugs who marched him out of his home. The brutality of this particular mob justice attack has left locals reeling, and law enforcement officials now have the almighty task of trying to prevent Diepsloot from descending into further chaos.