coldest every temperatures

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Cold front: Johannesburg EMS on high alert for fire incidents

The SA Weather Service says most parts of Gauteng will experience a significant drop in temperatures this coming weekend

coldest every temperatures

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As parts of the country, including Gauteng, brace for extreme weather temperatures over the next few days, Johannesburg Emergency Management Services says it will be on high alert. This is to be actively respond to any fire-related incidents which may occur.

According to the SA Weather Service, most parts of Gauteng, including Johannesburg, will experience a significant drop in temperatures from Friday, 20 May 2022, well into the weekend.

Emergency Management Services’ spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi says this means residents will be prompted to make use of heating devices to try and warm themselves, which makes them vulnerable to fire incidents at home.

“We therefore would like to urge all our residents to use all heating devices safely ie Heaters, Imbaula, Paraffin Stoves, Candles not to leave them unattended while in use to prevent fire incidents at home,” Mulaudzi further adds.


In light of the cold temperatures, Johannesburg Emergency Management Services has advised residents to make use of the following tips:

  • Don’t leave young children unattended in a room with a lit Candle.
  • Store candles, matches and lighters away from the reach of children.
  • Use safe containers to store paraffin ie safety caps
  • Do not connect electricity illegally it’s dangerous to you,children and those around instead report illegal connections.
  • Do not leave a Heater unattended while in use it might cause fires at home

“We have our Disaster Management monitoring teams in all seven regions of the City of Johannesburg monitoring all incidents which might occur and all our Fire Stations are fully operational throughout the City to make sure that we can respond to any incidents which might occur over the weekend”

Emergency Management Services’ spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi

Meanwhile some areas, including the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal are in some heavy rains during the same period. The Eastern Cape will likely experience some snow. The inclement weather is the result of a combination of a cut-off low and a ridging high-pressure system, which is expected to significantly decrease the daytime temperatures in the province and bring a good chance of showers and thundershowers.