Jealous boyfriend

The aftermath of the altercation has been made public – Photo: Facebook / RUSA

‘Cheating’ KZN woman stabbed in GENITALS by jealous boyfriend

A woman who was attacked by her jealous boyfriend in KZN is receiving critical care, after the scorned lover mercilessly stabbed her.

Jealous boyfriend

The aftermath of the altercation has been made public – Photo: Facebook / RUSA

A KZN woman was taken to hospital in a critical condition on Sunday, after her jealous boyfriend stabbed her repeatedly. The victim was found in a ‘prone position’ at her other lover’s home – and paramedics were immediately confronted by a set of horrific injuries.

‘Jealous boyfriend’ enraged by cheating partner goes on stabbing spree

The 34-year-old was stabbed more than 20 times, with wounds inflicted to her face, body, and legs. However, the envy-crazed boyfriend also stuck a dagger into his partner’s genitals, leaving her in agony.

Meanwhile, the ‘new’ partner was able to get help from other residents in the Hazelmere region on KZN, and a mob descended upon the informal settlement. However, the suspect was spooked by the approaching crowds, and made a break for it.

Although the fate of the boyfriend is still uncertain, the woman who was brutalised was at least stabilised at the scene, before being rushed to an intensive care unit. Reaction Unit South Africa were first on the scene.

KZN woman ‘still in critical condition’

According to RUSA, the woman and her other partner were enjoying some alcohol at home, before the scorned boyfriend ‘kicked the door’ open and began his stabbing frenzy. A police investigation is now underway.

“The woman was consuming alcohol with her lover at his informal home when her jealous boyfriend arrived. The man banged on the door and demanded they open up before he kicked the door open.”

“In a fit of rage he drew a large dagger and began stabbing the woman. Her lover attempted to intervene when her attacker attempted to stab him. The man fled and rallied the community to assist the woman.”

“As the mob returned to the house, they discovered the suspect still stabbing the woman. He fled when he noticed the crowd approaching. The victim sustained approximately 20 stab wounds to her genitals, face, body and legs.”

RUSA statement