Cape Town make-up artist

The make-up artist was well regarded by her clients – Photo: Facebook

Tragic: Cape Town make-up artist MURDERED on walk home

In a heart-breaking turn of events, a young make-up artist in Cape Town has been stabbed to death, while returning home from a restaurant.

Cape Town make-up artist

The make-up artist was well regarded by her clients – Photo: Facebook

Tributes have flooded in for Suritha Alting, after the 28-year-old make-up artist was brutally murdered in cold blood this week. The resident of Richwood, Cape Town was fatally stabbed during her walk home from a nearby restaurant. No arrests have been made yet.

Cape Town make-up artist
Police cars attend the murder scene – Photo: Facebook

Who is Suritha Alting? Make-up artist killed in Cape Town

Alting had both a talent and a passion for her chosen profession. She was popular with her clients, and had earned rave reviews for her work. Tragically, her life has been cut short in the most harrowing circumstances imaginable. Police are now working to crack this concerning case.

Women4Change, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting Gender-Based Violence, confirmed that Suritha Alting was also robbed of her belongings during the attack. They are now calling for a swift course of justice, but so far, there’s little to report.

“Suritha Alting, 28, was stabbed to death in Richwood, Cape Town, on 12 November. It is alleged that she was walking home from a restaurant close by when she was robbed of her belongings and stabbed multiple times. No one has been arrested yet.” | Women4Change

Police investigating murder of woman, 28 – but no arrests so far

Cape Town SAPS have also responded to the murder of Suritha Alting. In a recent statement, law enforcement officials confirmed that the make-up artist battled to stay alive, and only passed away after reaching the nearest hospital.

“SAPS members received a complaint and on arrival they spoke to two security officers who were standing with this injured unknown female. She was found with multiple stab wounds to the body. An ambulance was contacted and the woman was taken to a nearby medical facility for treatment where she later died due to injuries sustained.” | SAPS statement

  • As per Cape Town ETC, a memorial service for Suritha Alting will take place at De Zicht Estate in Richwood. Attendees are encouraged to bring flowers and candles to mourn the make-up artist’s death.