After 27 months, the last remaining lockdown restrictions in SA officially expired in June 2022 – Photo: Adobe Stock

Backtrack on masks? Cabinet says THESE South Africans ‘should still wear one’

The ANC Cabinet has tweaked its guidance for wearing masks in the ‘post-pandemic era’ – here’s what was said on Monday morning.


After 27 months, the last remaining lockdown restrictions in SA officially expired in June 2022 – Photo: Adobe Stock

Are we witnessing a slight backtrack from the South African government? A Cabinet statement released on Monday took a slightly different path from an announcement made in June, where all remaining COVID restrictions and mask mandates were dropped completely.

Here’s who Cabinet say should STILL wear their masks

Fearing that its message may not have been construed properly, Cabinet issued some further guidance this morning. They have identified two groups of people in South Africa who are being ‘encouraged’ to continue wearing their face-coverings.

  • People who have comorbidites, which make them more vulnerable to the virus.
  • Those who are currently ill with a COVID-19 infection.

Vaccine uptake hailed for ‘preventing more death and devastation’

Cabinet officials also moved to praise the vaccination drive, which has been fully accessible in South Africa for the past 12 months. The ANC government credits these jabs for taking the sting out of our most recent brush with ‘infection waves’.

“Although the country recently scrapped the compulsory wearing of masks in public, people with comorbidities and those who are ill [with COVID-19] are encouraged to continue with them. We must also continue to wash or sanitise our hands, and observe social distancing and proper ventilation.”

“Vaccination averted rising numbers of new cases during the fifth wave of the pandemic. It is a scientifically proven defence against COVID-19, and we encourage all unvaccinated people to vaccinate without delay. You can also get your booster shots, free of charge.”

Cabinet statement

SA goes mask-free – Latest COVID-19 stats for South Africa, 11 July 2022

  • South Africa has recorded a little under four million laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infections since the outbreak.
  • Just 365 cases were logged on Friday, as SA remains in a period of low infections.
  • The death toll for COVID-19 since March 2020 now stands at 101 876.
  • There are fewer than 8 000 active coronavirus cases in Mzansi, according to the latest figures.
  • A total of 3 887 182 people are said to have recovered from the virus – which is 97.3% of the infected population.