Brothers Kurt Clark (5) and Daniel Clark (3) enjoying the snow. Photo: Nadine Clark

Brrr! MORE snow (Not PTA and JHB) and cold weather expected

An intense cold front is expected to make landfall on Thursday, with MORE snowfall and rainfall anticipated in several parts of the country.


Brothers Kurt Clark (5) and Daniel Clark (3) enjoying the snow. Photo: Nadine Clark

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) warned that another intense cold front would reach South Africa by Thursday.

Senior Forecaster Jacqueline Modika said the intense cold front is likely to produce snowfalls over the Western Cape high lying areas and the Western and Southern high lying of the Northern Cape.

The snowfall is expected to spread to the Eastern Cape high-lying areas and the Drakensberg.

No warnings have yet been issued.

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Modika said the snowfall predictions for Pretoria were dismissed by the South African Weather Services (SAWS) on Sunday.

Messages on Whatsapp and social media postings have been doing the rounds with warnings about the “snowfall” predicted for all provinces, especially Pretoria and Johannesburg.

“We received numerous inquiries about social media posts claiming there will be widespread snowfall over all provinces of SA, including Gauteng, Johannesburg, and Pretoria.”

“We would like to dismiss these claims.”

South Africa experienced snowfall for the fourth time in the space of two months over the past week, and people couldn’t wait to get outside and start playing.

Farmers and the public are urged to take care of their pets and livestock outside. Please ensure that they are protected from these severe weather conditions.

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