Sulphuric acid N11 Mpumalanga

Both the BMW and the tanker were left mangled – Photo: SA Emergency Reports / Twitter

BMW driver killed on N11 – after crashing into sulphuric acid tanker

No, this isn’t a plotline from a Final Destination film: A BMW driver on the N11 smashed into a tanker carrying sulphuric acid earlier today.

Sulphuric acid N11 Mpumalanga

Both the BMW and the tanker were left mangled – Photo: SA Emergency Reports / Twitter

At least one person has died and another has been critically injured, following a ghastly crash in Mpumalanga. A tanker carrying sulphuric acid smashed head-first into an oncoming BMW, as both vehicles made their way down the respective carriageways.

Mpumalanga N11 Sulphuric Acid
A dashboard view of the crash shows just how much debris was sprayed across the N11. – Photo: SA Emergency Reports / Twitter

Horrific way to go: BMW driver killed in sulphuric acid tanker crash

The morning smash occurred on the N11 near Kranspoort. This pass connects northern Mpumalanga to southern Limpopo, and serves as a key route between the two provinces. However, the highway was closed in its entirety on Thursday – for hours on end.

Another crash on N11’s ‘deadly last turn’

Emergency responders and investigators had to approach the crash site in hazmat suits at first, due to the dangerous spillage of sulphuric acid. Photos from the scene show how the noxious substance was sprayed across both sides of the N11.

According to local media, the driver of the BMW died on impact. A passenger in the crumpled car, meanwhile, was rescued and rushed to hospital. The patient remain in a fight for their life as it stands.

Sulphuric acid crash leaves one dead, one critical in Mpumalanga

As reported by the Middelburg Observer, the tanker dragged the BMW ‘for about 150m against the concrete barrier’. It then flipped over the barrier onto its roof. The truck – whose driver was uninjured – was also left in pieces, as key parts of its undercarriage were ripped off during the crash.

An update posted by Paramedics, SAPS, and Firefighters South Africa confirmed several other key details:

“A tanker containing sulphuric acid lost control on Kranspoort Pass’ deadly last turn, hitting a BMW in the oncoming lane and killing the driver. Another trucker who witnessed the crash said there was smoke coming from the tanker’s wheels. It then lost control, and hit the BMW.”