Lynn Blignaut Ashley Oosthuizen Thailand

Ashley Oosthuizen (wearing mustard top) with her friends. Photo: Supplied.

Ashley Oosthuizen: Family distances itself from crowdfunding website set up by boyfriend

The Oosthuizen family is discouraging the public from making donations to a website allegedly set up by Ashley’s boyfriend.

Lynn Blignaut Ashley Oosthuizen Thailand

Ashley Oosthuizen (wearing mustard top) with her friends. Photo: Supplied.

Ashley Oosthuizen, 22, from George in the Western Cape was arrested by Thai police in October 2020 and sentenced to death, which has since been commuted to life imprisonment for drug smuggling. Her family and friends believe she is innocent.


Her American boyfriend, 35, has come forward to say that the drugs Oosthuizen was arrested in connection with belonged to him.

In a lengthy statement, he detailed how he ran a drug operation on the island without her knowledge.

A website, which details Oosthuizen’s ordeal, has appeared and it is believed that the boyfriend set it up.

The website is seemingly meant to raise awareness about Oosthuizen’s arrest and raise funds for her legal battles.

At the foot of the site, readers are petitioned to consider donating to a fund set up by Oosthuizen’s mother, Lynn Blignaut; buying a book; and “becoming a subscribing member to Ashley Capital & DeFi, a crypto consulting and wealth management company that is being started in her name and honor.”

Earlier this week, the website claimed Ashley’s legal fund is being set up and run by her father, Andre Oosthuizen. This has since changed and it now reads, “Donate to Ashley’s legal fund soon, it is being set up and run by her mother, Lynette Blignaut.”

According to the George Herald, Oosthuizen’s parents have discouraged the public from donating to the crowdfunding platforms on the website because they cannot guarantee it will be used for the right purpose.

“We cannot guarantee that the funds paid into these accounts will in actual fact be used to help Ashley in any way,” said Blignaut.

However, the family is in the process of setting up its own trust fund for donations that will be used to cover legal and repatriation costs as they battle to bring their daughter home.

Ashley’s father told the publication that he told the boyfriend he wants nothing to do with the website and asked him to erase his name from it.

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The Department of International Relations and Cooperative Affairs (DIRCO) has confirmed that Oosthuizen was indeed arrested in Thailand.

Spokesperson Clayson Monyela said the department and its embassy in Bangkok is providing Ashley’s family with consular assistance but said the Department is not in a position to intervene in the affairs of a sovereign country.

Oosthuizen is expected to appeal her life sentence but there is uncertainty about when this will take place – it could take up to 18 months.