ANC corrupt

The ANC in Johannesburg is serious in its firm rejection of corruption allegations – Photo: Rapitse Monthso / Flickr

You couldn’t write it: ANC demand apology for being called ‘corrupt’

The ANC? Corrupt? Our lips, like the CR17 documents, are sealed – but the party has taken particular offence to one claim made this week.

ANC corrupt

The ANC in Johannesburg is serious in its firm rejection of corruption allegations – Photo: Rapitse Monthso / Flickr

We’re saying nothing! The ANC in Johannesburg has reacted furiously to claims made by the recently-ousted Mayor, Dr. Mpho Phalatse. In a statement issued yesterday, the DA representative called the party a ‘corrupt cabal’, following a bitter leadership dispute in the metro.

Mpho Phalatse
Mpho Phalatse has accused ‘corrupt forces’ of pushing her out of office – Photo: DA / Twitter

ANC reject ‘corrupt’ claims from DA

Phalatse was deposed as Johannesburg Mayor last week, following a controversial process. The DA has already mounted a legal challenge against the political upheaval, which returned control of the city back to the ANC, a little under a year after they lost it.

During her digital diatribe, Dr. Phalatse slammed ‘a corrupt few’ who forced her to vacate office. She branded her enemies as ‘a coalition of corruption’, lambasting them for disrupting her regional premiership. Needless to say, the ANC received both barrels here:

“There is no way that I will back down now, at the first sign of adversity at the hands of a takeover by a corrupt few. I made promises to the people of Joburg before last year’s elections, and I repeated those promises when I took office in January.”

Turning Johannesburg around after decades of corruption and mismanagement was never going to be quick or easy, but I am proud to say that our coalition government has made great strides in a very short time.”

“I will not allow the coalition of corruption to simply waltz back in and undo everything we’ve accomplished here. We must tell the corrupt cabal that they are not welcome here. I too will be doing my part by seeing this court battle through.” | Dr. Mpho Phalatse

Mpho Phalatse given deadline to apologise

That has prompted a rather dubious reaction from ANC Johannesburg spokesperson, Chris Vondo. He has given Mpho Phalatse a deadline of 48 hours to apologise for her remarks – or else his party will seek legal recourse against her.

Of course, Vondo’s threat will struggle to stand up to scrutiny. Sagas including state capture, Bosasa, and COVID tender fraud have all landed the ANC in deep trouble, with most cases reported within the past few years. Alas, the ruling party is sticking to its guns on this matter.

“We have noted Dr Phalatse’s application and her public rants. We are not going to dignify those because she must know better, that the council that was conducted was lawful.It must be put on record that we are calling on her to retract and apologise for calling the ANC corrupt.”

“We want her to retract that statement and publicly apologise to the ANC within 48 hours, otherwise we will take legal action” | Chris Vondo