Herman Mashaba ANC illegal immigrants

Comments made by Pule Mabe have upset Herman Mashaba – Photo: TSA Composite

ANC’s ‘tough new stance’ on illegals even has Herman Mashaba concerned

Did the ANC go too far in its criticism of illegal immigrants? Though no shrinking violet himself, Herman Mashaba has condemned the rhetoric.

Herman Mashaba ANC illegal immigrants

Comments made by Pule Mabe have upset Herman Mashaba – Photo: TSA Composite

People who say that South African politics is easy to understand may be having second thoughts this week. In the blink of an eye, the ANC appears to have swerved to the right on the matter of illegal immigrants – drawing condemnation from both the DA and Herman Mashaba.

Too far even for Herman Mashaba? ANC stance on illegal immigrants ‘causing concern’ amongst critics

Police Minister Bheki Cele has vowed a crackdown on all undocumented migrants, while Gauteng Premier David Makhura told crowds that he was ‘declaring war’ on foreigners late last week. However, the ANC’s most divisive take came from Pule Mabe…

  • Over the weekend, the ANC Spokesperson claimed it was now ‘open season’ for all illegal foreign nationals in SA.
  • He argued that the government can no longer ‘guarantee the safety‘ of the undocumented population.
  • Indicating a tougher rhetoric, Mabe also explained that South Africa ‘should not be a playground’ for foreign criminals.
Pule Mabe ANC
Pule Mabe at the ANCYL National Youth Task Team (NYTT) on April 08, 2021 in Johannesburg, South Africa – Photo by Gallo Images / Papi Morake

Herman Mashaba ‘not a fan’ of ANC’s latest illegal immigrant claims

Criticism from opponents is one thing, but when you’ve got Herman Mashaba calling out your views on illegal immigrants, something has got to give. The ActionSA leader took a hardline stance against foreign criminals while serving as Joburg Mayor. But he is unimpressed with Pule Mabe.

  • According to Mashaba, a failure to guarantee the safety of illegal immigrants ‘goes against our constitution’…

“I totally disagree with ANC Spokesperson Pule Mabe that government can no longer guarantee the safety of illegal immigrants. This is against the conscript of our Constitution. Let ANC government deal with illegal immigration, within the laws of the Republic.”

Herman Mashaba

Pule Mabe under fire for ‘taking a xenophobic route’

This lurch towards a ‘stronger stance’ on illegals comes in the wake of an escalating crimewave. Dozens of poor communities are being blighted by criminality across the country. Several major protests have erupted during the winter. Meanwhile, the threat of prolonged unrest remains.

The ANC are trying to talk a tougher game – but have they gone too far? John Steenhuisen echoes the concerns of Herman Mashaba. He has been shocked by remarks made by some ruling party figures in the past week, claiming that they will soon have ‘blood on their hands’.

“Several ANC leaders, including Pule Mabe, have taken a xenophobic route. They have openly ‘declared war on foreigners’. This is done by disingenuously grouping zama-zamas, rapists, and foreigners in the same phrasing, to paint all foreign nationals with the brush of criminality.”

“Politicians who exploit the frustrations of marginalised South Africans by directing their anger at foreign nationals will carry the blood of these foreigners on their hands when these incitements find fertile soil.”

John Steenhuisen