Paul Mashatile ANC SARS Tax

Paul Mashatile addresses crowds in April 2018 – Photo: Flickr / GCIS

‘SARS didn’t ensure compliance’: ANC offers ‘bizarre’ excuse for R102m tax bill

We’ll be honest: The ANC blaming SARS for their own failure to settle an outstanding tax bill is a bold move – but perhaps not a wise one.

Paul Mashatile ANC SARS Tax

Paul Mashatile addresses crowds in April 2018 – Photo: Flickr / GCIS

It just doesn’t add up. ANC Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile has felt the wrath of the public on Tuesday, after he claimed that SARS was to blame for the party’s sky-high tax bill.

How much money does the ANC owe SARS?

Reports issued on Monday revealed that the ANC owed upwards of R100m to the taxman – but that figure has been disputed by Mashatile. He argued earlier today that a lot of their debts had been repaid to the revenue collection service, but the political organisation ‘still has a way to go’ before it comes out of arrears.

As one of the ANC’s official ‘Top Six’ members, Paul Mashatile knows that his words carry weight. He was careful not blame previous treasurers – such as Zweli Mkhize – for the party’s tax predicament.

“SARS should enforce our compliance” – Paul Mashatile

However, the senior politician went off-piste with his reasoning. Speaking to Radio 702, Mashatile suggested that SARS should ‘take some responsibility for not ensuring compliance’ – leaving us all a little lost for words.

“I don’t want to blame anyone, but previous officials were not bothered about making tax obligations up to date. The situation was lax. We are not tax evaders. We’re not bankrupt…”

“The ANC does have cash flow problems from time to time, but authorities are not rigorous in ensuring compliance. SARS must also be firm [in their enforcement of the law].”

Paul Mashatile

Rivalries renewed: Maimane lays into ‘bizarre’ ANC excuse

Mmusi Maimane has duelled with the ANC many times over the years, and the OneSA Movement leader took to the online battlefield again this morning. He Tweeted that Mashatile’s argument was ‘a very bizarre one’, and reminded the Treasurer-General that his party must meet their SARS obligations.

“That argument is a very bizarre one. In essence, Paul Mashatile is saying ‘I didn’t pay the tax because SARS didn’t ask me’ – does the ANC not know that it has tax obligations?”

Mmusi Maimane