car wash

Man DIES in freak accident at car wash
Photo source: Flickr

Horrific! Man DIES in freak accident at car wash

Police say the man got out of his car, which then rolled forward, pinning him in between the vehicle and the car wash machinery

car wash

Man DIES in freak accident at car wash
Photo source: Flickr

A US man’s death has the makings of a Final Destination movie sequel: The 56-year-old was essentially squashed to death when got pinned between his car and the machinery of a car wash.

According to various US media outlets, the Southern California man had been visiting his local self-service car wash in Escondido to get his vehicle cleaned this past Friday.

In a statement released to media, the Escondido Police Department said the man drove his 2014 Scion XB into the car wash and tried to exit the vehicle for a reason unknown to them – staying inside your car and ensuring that all doors and windows are shut is standard procedure at a car wash.

Authorities also say that the car wash hadn’t been activated at the time of the incident.

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According to police, the man wasn’t found until another customer walked over and made the gruesome discovery then called 911. When medical personnel arrived at the scene, they found him trapped between some of the car wash equipment and his car.

They are also not suspecting any foul play in the man’s death, but would still continue with the investigation.

Officials also say they consider the incident a “traffic collision” and not an industrial accident, because the man had control of his vehicle the whole time.

“I’ve been with the department for about 30 years and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, ever,” Escondido police Lt. Scott Walters said to the broadcaster Fox 5 News about the incident.

Meanwhile the locals who have used the said car wash say they are surprised that someone even got out of the car

“I’d be too scared to get out of my car, I mean the bristles and everything else, and it always says stay in your car, don’t roll down your window, so I always follow directions,” said one resident.

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