AKA's assassins

Men linked to AKA’s assassination arrested. Image: Twitter video @pmcafrica

AKA murder: Police release three questioned suspects ‘in the middle of the night’ – report

Three men who were taken in for questioning in connection with the murder of rapper, AKA, and his friend Tibz, have been released from police custody.

AKA's assassins

Men linked to AKA’s assassination arrested. Image: Twitter video @pmcafrica

Three men allegedly taken in for question in connection with the alleged murder of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were released from police custody in Cape Town, according to their lawyer.

AKA murder suspects released

As previously reported, five men were arrested in Belhar, Cape Town, in connection with the high-profile murder on Sunday, 26 March. However, police have kept tight-lipped and have eventually denied that the arrests have anything to do with the February Durban killing.

According to News24, Advocate Annelene van den Heever said three of her clients were released “in the middle of the night” on Wednesday. A fourth client remains in custody.

Van den Heever told the publication she was on her way to the Durban Magistrate’s Court and indicated that more information would become available throughout the day.

As previously reported, the getaway vehicle allegedly used in the assassination was found abandoned in KwaZulu-Natal, per Netwerk24.

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The car was scoured for leads, and the authorities reportedly found DNA and fingerprints.

One of the fingerprints allegedly belonged to a notorious taxi-industry hitman. Through dogged detective work, which reportedly involved members of the police posing as social workers, it was discovered that the hitman in question was in Cape Town with his alleged accomplices.

The suspects were observed for a number of days before they were rounded up on Sunday.

SAPS deny any connection to Durban killing, as suspects are released

On Wednesday, 29 March, KZN police slammed media reports about the arrests.

“Although police understand that the matter attracted media attention and that the public awaits with bated breath for any developments, police are calling upon the media and everyone else to refrain from making reports that have the potential of jeopardising ongoing investigations.

“Such reports also have a potential of putting at risk the lives of the people purported to have been arrested as well as endangering the lives of individuals who are portrayed as police officers in photographs and videos which have been doing the rounds on certain websites and social media platforms,” said Colonel Robert Netshiunda.