ActionSA ANC

An ActionSA gzebo allegedly overturned by ANC members in Soweto. Photo: Twitter @KhomoMashala

Watch: ANC member ‘threatens to shoot’ ActionSA Soweto campaigners

Herman Mashaba is fuming after an “ANC member” allegedly threatened to shoot ActionSA campaigners in Soweto. There is video too!

ActionSA ANC

An ActionSA gzebo allegedly overturned by ANC members in Soweto. Photo: Twitter @KhomoMashala

A by-election in a Soweto ward has led to some rather frightening exchanges between ActionSA campaigners and ANC supporters. According to ActionSA members, one ANC supporter even threatened to shoot them. Some of the arguing and alleged intimidation was caught on camera.

ANC supporters intimidate ActionSA members in Soweto

Ward 53 in Dobsonville will head to the polls on the 1st of June. When ActionSA members arrived to campaign in the area on Saturday, things quickly got heated.

ActionSA member Sello Mabelebele took to Twitter to post video of an altercation with a man in an ANC shirt. According to Mebelebele, the man threatened to shoot the ActionSA campaigners if they did not move.

Party leader Herman Mashaba was quick to express his outrage over the video. He also claimed that ANC members were blocking his party from campaigning.

“I am on my way to Dobsonville Police Station to lay criminal charges against these criminals preventing our Actionairs from campaigning. Will not rest until they are criminally charged. We don’t live in a jungle.”

Herman Mashaba

Mashaba set for more big gains in Soweto?

ActionSA National Chairperson Michael Beaumont says that his party is set to win Ward 53 off the ANC in June. The Mashaba-led party also managed to achieve 21% support across Soweto during last year’s local government elections.

Last year, the party only contested 6 municipalities.

Mashaba has come in for strong criticism this week. The DA and several other groups have accused him of fanning the flames of xenophobia.

A Zimbabwean national was killed by a mob demanding to see his passport in Diepsloot on Wednesday night.

Since then, President Cyril Ramaphosa has hit out at the Police’s treatment of foreign nationals. He’s described it as an “apartheid way”.

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