top schools matric results

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2021 Matric Results: Here are the top 10 schools in South Africa

According to the matric results for 2021, these 10 schools are rated as the top performers, based on the amount of distinctions per learner.

top schools matric results

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The curtain has now officially closed on the 2021 academic year, after the latest round of matric results were released to the public. Our matriculants can give themselves a massive pat on the back, after the national pass rate increased by 0.2% – and the minefield of challenges was navigated expertly by these schools in particular.

Who’s top of the class?

Gradesmatch, the career guidance platform which also monitors our yearly matric results, has compiled a list of the ten best performing state schools – based on a ‘distinctions per learner’ criteria. The field is an extremely competitive one, and anything less than a rate of 2.829 won’t cut the mustard if you’re aiming for the top.

Earlier this week, we were able to reveal a list of the top performing private and independent schools, a handful of which can boast a 100% pass rate at matric. However, Gradesmatch focuses solely on public institutions.

Matric results 2021: What are the top schools in South Africa?

The ‘distinctions per learner’ metric also serves to highlight outstanding collective achievements. At the top of the tree, Eden College in Durban takes home the plaudits, with over 3.75 distinctions per learner. Inkamana School, also in KZN, follows closely behind with 3.73 distinctions per learner.

Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool completes the top three, with the Gauteng institution bagging 3.4 D/PL. Al-Falaag College in KZN, and Tshwane Muslim School in Gauteng, enter the top five.

You can view the full list of results here:

  • Eden College Durban, KZN: 3.757 distinctions per learner
  • Inkamana School, KZN: 3.733 distinctions per learner
  • Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool, Gauteng: 3.414 distinctions per learner
  • Al-Falaah College, KZN: 3.125 distinctions per learner
  • Tshwane Muslim School, Gauteng: 3.091 distinctions per learner
  • Westville Girls High, KZN: 2.899 distinctions per learner.
  • Star College, KZN: 2.893 distinctions per learner
  • Hoerskool Menlopark, Gauteng: 2.884 distinctions per learner
  • SAMA High School, Gauteng: 2.860 distinctions per learner
  • C&N Meisieskool Oranje, Free State: 2.829 distinctions per learner