Brackenfell SAPS protests PAC

Photo: Mzondio Siyeka / Twitter

Brackenfell: SAPS ‘may face legal action’ over response to protesters

After dishing out the firepower, SAPS are being threatened with litigation from PAC leaders: The group led this latest round of protests in Brackenfell.

Brackenfell SAPS protests PAC

Photo: Mzondio Siyeka / Twitter

The SA Police Service (SAPS) has been threatened with legal action on Wednesday, after their officers dispersed a gathering outside of Brackenfell High School. The protests, led by the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), served as a precursor to a much larger demonstration set to take place here on Friday – and the cops look ready for a battle.

Brackenfell protests: Latest news and updates on Wednesday 18 November

Earlier in the day, officers fired stun-grenades and allegedly discharged rubber bullets, as dozens of civilians fled the scene. Protests have been going on in Brackenfell for the past two weeks after a row over an apparent ‘all-white matric dance’ saw the Western Cape town become the latest flashpoint for racial tensions in South Africa.

Mzwanele Nyhontso is the PAC president and the party’s sole MP. He confirmed that they will consider court action against SAPS, arguing that the organisation ‘failed to uphold the commitments of the Constitution’.

“The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) will be taking action against the illegal acts of the SA Police Service today at Brackenfell. The duty of the SAPS is to protect and uphold the Constitution of the country. They have failed at doing that.”

Watch: SAPS get tough with PAC protesters in Brackenfell

Problematic PAC chants spark backlash

The party had courted controversy earlier this week, promoting Wednesday’s demo by using the ‘one settler, one bullet’ phrase. The term is used to stoke-up anti-white sentiment across SA, and some in attendance were seen making this chant in the street. We’re expecting a much larger confrontation when the EFF comes to Brackenfell on Friday.