Julius Malema terrorism charge police comments

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Brackenfell: SAHRC to probe EFF – protesters were ‘armed with golf clubs’

The SA Human Rights Commission has a bone to pick with the EFF after Brackenfell – and Julius Malema has also talked himself into trouble.

Julius Malema terrorism charge police comments

Photo: EFF / Twitter

It appears the dust won’t be settling on Brackenfell any time soon. The mass protests that engulfed the Western Cape town for the best part of November may have tapered off, but the repercussions of such animosity still loom large over South Africa. Indeed, it looks like the EFF will be chastised by the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for their behaviour.

Brackenfell EFF, PAC, and SAPS face ‘human rights probe’

Chris Nissen, a representative of the SAHRC, says that they will now investigate ‘three major developments’ from the unrest in Brackenfell. As well as the alleged exclusion of black learners from a private matric dance – which sparked the acts of civil disruption – the Commission also wants to look at assault cases filed against police officers.

The scope of the probe draws the EFF in, too. Members are accused of ‘hate speech’, alongside inflammatory comments made by the PAC. The latter’s ‘one settler, one bullet’ chants left a sour taste across the board last week.

Julius Malema faces backlash for cop comments

The Red Berets, according to Nissen, are very much on the SAHRC’s radar. He confirmed that Julius Malema’s latest comments – where he encouraged EFF supporters to fight police officers in their homes – would be ‘looked into’. This came after concerns were also raised about protesters who showed up in Brackenfell armed with golf clubs last week.

“There are three components to the investigation. This includes the exclusion of learners from the matric dance, hate speech from the EFF and PAC members, and the ‘assault’ allegedly by police members last Friday. There is a prima facie case that we can make to the Equality Court on the ‘one settler, one bullet’ comments made by the PAC.”

“We will have to look into the comments Julius Malema has made about police officers. What we have seen now is that people do not respect the rule of law. The police showed great restraint during the EFF march last week… The march was meant to be peaceful but what I saw were protesters carrying golf clubs.”

Chris Nissen