EFF Brackenfell

Image via: @EFFWesternCape_ / Twitter

Brackenfell latest: Eight protesters arrested on charges of public violence

Despite crowds being dispersed, police said the situation regarding Brackenfell High School is still being monitored.

EFF Brackenfell

Image via: @EFFWesternCape_ / Twitter

Just a few hours ago, Brackenfell High School and the surrounds were painted red by a large number of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members. The protest came about after a matric party was planned and allegedly excluded non-white learners. Although the school denied its involvement, claiming it was a private event, the fighters were adamant about their mission. 

South African Police Service (SAPS) Captain in the Western Cape FC van Wyk said the protest action in Brackenfell “necessitated police action to maintain law and to disperse the riotous crowd”. 


Van Wyk, on Saturday morning, confirmed that eight protestors were arrested on charges of public violence. 

“They are due in court once they have been charged. One member of the public was injured when he tried to disrupt the protest. He was arrested on a charge of incitement and is also due in court in due course,” said Van Wyk. 

Van Wyk said that as protesters dispersed they threw stones at Law Enforcement agencies, as well as, businesses. 

“Several SAPS, Law Enforcement vehicles, windows of businesses as well as private vehicles damaged,” he said. 

Van Wyk said the crowd has since dispersed, however, the situation in the area is still being monitored. 

“Our forces will remain in the area until we are satisfied that the situation has stabilised,” he added. 


After the Brackenfell protest on Friday, EFF Leader Julius Malema commended his members. 

“Well done fearless ground forces of the EFF. Don’t explain yourself to anyone. We are proud of all of you; the leadership of the disciplined force of the left under the militant leadership of Commissar Marshall Dlamini marshalling the forces. They will not kill us all,” he said. 

Member of the Central Command Team of the EFF Nazier Paulsen said the only sad thing according to him, was how “black members of SAPS were prepared to kill black people in defence of whiteness but allowed white thugs to brutalise black women last week”. 

Last week, a female EFF member was allegedly beaten with a bat. 

FF Plus Chief Whip and provincial leader in the Western Cape Dr Corné Mulder said the party’s behaviour was out of control at the Brackenfell protest. 

“The EFF has repeatedly shown that it is not interested in peaceful protest actions. Instead, its actions are aimed at causing violence, unrest and racial division. It must no longer be tolerated,” he said.